Serveis | Spool Slitting and Winding

We slit all kinds of materials, including plastics like PVC, PET, PP, PS, as well as paper, fabrics, etc. Our goal isto satisfy our clients’ needs, and so we have differentslitting machines in order to cover the range of possibilities. We can make slices from 10mm to 1700 mm, thicknesses up to 2mm, widths up to 2100 mm and exterior diameters up to 1000mm. We can rewire badly rolled materials, as well as achieve the proper tension. We employ review machines to detect possible defects. We also offer the option of bathing feeding trays in silicone to prevent adhesion. Once the slitting is done, we palletize and retract the rolls according to our clients’ specifications. We work with materials from sectors as diverse as food, automotive, decoration, construction, wind power, the furniture industry and design.